12th in final race for Harriet

Well, that’s the end of 10 days straight of crit racing and what a race to finish it. Today the weather was back to being super hot and that doesn’t help much when you hit the 10th day. I didn’t know what to expect myself going into this final day, my legs hurt just rolling my pedals over! The race was interesting to say the least, lots of solo attacks from big teams early on which were then chased by the other big teams.

A group of 5 got away after a prime with about 6 to go which got about 15-10seconds. Unfortunately there was a big crash which just spilled all across the road with two laps to go (which I managed to just avoid), so the race got neutralised and then restarted. When the lap board hits 2 to go you’re pretty tired so the thought of restarting the race is pretty daunting. The race got restarted about 10 minutes later, we basically had a 5 lap race and the break was allowed to start 10 seconds earlier than the peloton. The break away stayed away and a few tried to bridge across but you can imagine what those 5 laps were like in the peloton (it was crazy!), I managed to pull together some final energy to get 4th in the bunch kick but I only managed 12th as there were breakaway riders.

I never quite reached the podium I wanted but I can go away from these 10 days knowing I gave it my all.

Harriet Owen