Downtown West Bend Concourse

So by now most of you already know by now that its super hot here and the racing is tough, today was not an exception! It’s day 4 and everyone that has done the full 4 days, their legs are pretty tired now and this showed in the whole peloton today. I tried to make a few moves early on but they just left me out hanging and then the big hitters just went straight over the top of me, so I quickly stopped doing that!

Today’s course had long shallow gradient climb that had three turns on meaning you lost some speed so that made that tough for everyone. I was pretty far back with 3 laps to go let alone 1 lap to go so I had to be ballsy going into the final few corners and even though I didn’t move up that much, coming out the final bend in about 15th place, I sprinted the complete opposite side as the peloton today and managed to make up some ground to get 5th on the line.

I’m saying to myself, ‘What if you were up there in the final bend’, but honestly I was pretty tired today and I couldn’t have done more than I did. Onto the next day, we’ve got two courses coming up with steep climbs in for the next two days so we’ll see how it goes, you never know what could happen, I might even finally podium. Over and out….



1 – Kandelle Hodges
2 – Tina Pic
3 – Peta Mullens
4 – Laura van Gilder
5 – Harriet Owen
6 – Kaitlin Antonneau
7 – Christina Gokey-Smith
8 – Laura Jorgensen
9 – Tabitha Sherwood
10 – Vanessa Bothero