5th Place -Giro d’ Grafton

Today was the second day of Tour of Americas Dairylands. We all went for an easy spin this morning to try and flush away yesterday’s race out of legs, I’m still trying to beat jet lag so this helps my body get going for the day. I’m also still trying to figure out how it’s best for me to race these American races.

Today’s course had flowing corners with a slight drag on the back straight and then a downhill corner into the finish, which always makes for an interesting finale. I felt good early on but maybe got a little excited, as our game plan was to wait for the finish and hope it stays together. Because the course was so wide I was able to drift back in the peloton and stay out of trouble without exerting more energy.

I managed to move to the front with 2 laps to go and had to fight to stay at the there and then got a good wheel going into that crazy downhill final corner coming out of it 4th/5th wheel. I hesitated too much in the finish and should’ve gone when I thought but it was almost like I was waiting for others to start their sprint. I started to tie up towards the end but I was also catching the riders in front of me.  I took the wrong line in the sprint and got boxed behind the riders going for the podium. I’m quite happy with the improvement on yesterday but still hungry for that podium spot. More to come!




1 – Tina Pic
2 – Jessica Mundy
3 – Kandelle Hodges
4 – Peta Mullens
5 – Harriet Owen
6 – Laura Van Gilder
7 – Kristy Glover
8 – Cynthia Frazier
9 – Irene Ossola
10 – Christine Thirnburg