Matrix Fitness GP – Redditch

The Matrix Fitness GP Series is a major focus in the UK and with the series into its 5th season interest has never been higher. That can be seen with the biggest entry ever received, but that was always going to be a hectic start, despite the race setting off in a break in the rain and hail storms. Mel Lowther fell victim to a crash on the first lap after the neutral lap effectively ending her chances in the race with a shoulder injury.  Hopefully no long term damage has been done.

Despite that, she managed to stay with the front group for a good length of time along with all of the Matrix Fitness riders. Between the first and 2nd sprint the pace went up and we were left with Lucy Martin, Elinor Barker and Laura Trott in the front group. The race split further still with 5 riders going clear in what looked like the winning move. The riders, King, Archicold, Trott, Barker and Juniper took up to 20 seconds but with a huge effort behind they were caught on the last lap.

Laura by Bart Raeymaekers
“In the end it actually worked out well for us that we got caught.” commented Elinor Barker. “With two Matrix riders in the front group there was more pressure on us, but when Louise Mahe flew past us leading the chase group it gave us a chance to set Laura up perfectly. It was great to be part of a win for the team.”

“It’s always good to win. The spirit in the team is fantastic and to be honest I didn’t know how we’d cope with the strength of Pearl Izumi. We had 4 riders that have never ridden in a Matrix Fitness GP before, and they are very unique events. Lucy Shaw was excellent tonight making the front group of 21 riders. It was a local event for her and as a junior in the run up to her exams it was great to see that performance.” Commented team manager Stefan Wyman


1 – Laura Trott
2 – Dani King
3 – Nikki Juniper
More to follow

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