Omloop van het Hageland – Report

Omloop van het Hageland was the third race in a busy first week for Matrix Pro Cycling

Omloop van het Hageland was the third race in a busy first week for Matrix Pro Cycling. Starting in Tielt-Winge, the race rolls out on relatively flat roads for 25km’s before heading south into more rolling terrain.  A few early attacks defined the first hour of racing before the race really took off after 49km’s on the cobble climb of Kerkstraat. This climb is the last action on the big lap before the peloton hits 5 smaller laps which takes in the short assent of Roeselberg on each lap.

With many teams being stretched a little thin with the weekend also having the Strada Binanche, this race was a good opportunity for the Matrix team to step up, having had a couple of opportunities to find its feet in pro cycling earlier in the week.

“In general we took a huge step forward today. The performance of the riders was very good, and although for a couple of them the results might not show that, we saw a huge jump in performance. Molly showed her consistency and Christina really stepped up from finisher, to contender, and I hope that will build her confidence for the coming races.”

“Lucy showed she’s continuing to rediscover her racing legs after a difficult couple of seasons. She was a fraction away from a much bigger result, and we know that if she can continue to move forward like this, it’s going to be a great season.”

Christina finished 17th


1 – Jolien D’Hoore
2 – Chantal Blaak
3 – Sara Mustonen
4 – Coryn Rivera
5 – Janneke Ensing
6 – Sheyla Gutierrez Ruiz
7 – Lauren Kitchen
8 – Amy Pieters
9 – Chloe Hosking
10 – Tatiana Guderzo
17 – Chstina Siggaard
34 – Molly Weaver
85 – Lucy Martin

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