5 reasons why every cyclist should visit Limoux

Last week was my first trip over to Limoux and a great opportunity for me to meet and get to know the other Matrix Fitness girls whilst getting some solid training in! Being at sixth form, getting long rides in can be a challenge, so to have a week out where cycling was a priority and was a really nice change for me. I loved training out in Limoux and can’t wait to return there. It really is a place where every cyclist should visit- here are my top 5 reasons why:

  1. The roads are GREAT for training

Limoux is in a great location, and there are roads for pretty much every type of ride you could possibly wish for: flat, rolling, or mountainous. We were able to take advantage of this with the rides varying from hill efforts, to TT efforts on the flat, to steady rolling rides to the beach.

Lucy - by Huw Williams
Lucy – by Huw Williams
  1. Limoux is a pretty cool town

Limoux is your typical French town with loads of character and a classic square with patisseries and coffee shops. It also hosts the world’s longest carnival for 10 weeks every year! This is pretty crazy considering it is such a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. Penny, Sara and I went to investigate one afternoon and we managed to catch the women parading in fancy costumes and masks (which according to our DS Chris cost £1000 each!!), whilst throwing confetti and dancing to a marching band! The town itself is also lovely, with a scenic bridge and beautiful old church.



  1. The Weather

Okay, so the weather may have been a little on the cold side for my stay in Limoux, however, as everyone assures me from March onwards the weather is great. Anyways, it was still a lot better than in England, with my house and local roads being completely covered in snow and ice whilst I was away!

Group ride by Huw Williams
Group ride by Huw Williams
  1. The Views

The views make even the longest climbs enjoyable. Reaching the top of a climb to a full view of the Pyrenees is pretty rewarding. My favourite ride was when we rode to the beach- throughout the whole 3 and a half hours the views were just incredible- something you just don’t get in Birmingham!

Lucy Shaw by Huw Williams
Lucy Shaw by Huw Williams


  1. The cafés

The café in the square is typically French. It can be quiet and peaceful, or lively and full of people dancing to loud music! I found it a great place to either go and chill out with the girls or take my revision and get some schoolwork done. The hot chocolate is also the best I have ever tasted- perfect for after a long ride! Also there is a small shop that sells the most delicious crepes; and it would be rude not to have one whilst in France!

So, finally, a huge thank you to Hollywood Monster for making all of this possible.


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